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New York, NY - Rattlestick Playwrights Theater is approaching the coming season with flexibility, and creative ambition while prioritizing safety and wellness. Rattlestick has announced three keyworks as their Mainstage productions for 2021-22: Ni Mi Madre by Arturo Luís Soria, In the Southern Breeze by Mansa Ra, and Addressless by Martin Boross.

These pieces have deep ties to Rattlestick and their mission of producing works that will lead to positive social change as they embody their core values of community, equity, empowerment and artistic freedom. The artists creating these works are committed to producing in innovative ways that allow audiences to engage both in-person and online. In a typical season, Rattlestick produces two Mainstage works. However, they have expanded to three works in 2021-2022 in order to honor commitments to productions planned prior to the pandemic while continuing to engage with relevant new plays.

The three works planned for 2021-2022 at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater are as follows:

Ni Mi Madre by Arturo Luís Soria, Directed by Danilo Gambini (August 25 to September 19, 2021 - Presented Both in-person and live-streamed) - Inspirited with the tradition of Umbanda ritual, the music of Gloria Estefan, Cher, and Maria Bethânia, Ni Mi Madre invites audiences into the tumultuous relationship between a larger-than-life Brazilian woman, Bete, and her queer son. Ni Mi Madre explores the intersection between queerness and Latinidad, while laying bare the secrets, memories, fears, and celebrations of being an immigrant and first-generation American. Directed by Rattlestick's Directing Fellow, Danilo Gambini and partnering with community organizations Sol Project and Group.BR this is a world-premiere production of this solo show for this accomplished actor and first-time writer, and the director's first professional production in the U.S.

In the Southern Breeze by Mansa Ra (Jiréh Breon Holder), Directed by Christopher Betts (November 3 to December 12, 2021 - presented both in-person and virtually) - Centering the black male experience across centuries of American history, this Absurdist drama follows five men who meet in the afterlife following their murders. Rattlestick first presented a reading of this play during their new plays festival in 2018, and presented a virtual workshop in August 2020 directed by Christopher Betts, followed by a community conversation facilitated by Robert Pollock.

Addressless by Hungarian artist Martin Boross, adapted by Jonathan Payne (presented virtually in January/February 2022) - An interactive theatrical game in which audiences encounter firsthand the complex challenges of homelessness. Audiences are asked to follow a character and make a series of decisions: Will their character sleep on the street or sleep in a hostel? Will they ask people for money or try to find work? While some decisions might earn the character money, they may also take a toll on their life expectancy and physical wellbeing. Rattlestick has been working with Boross since 2019 to develop this piece for New York audiences and now for an online format. The pandemic has been particularly devastating for New York's homeless population, and Boross's play speaks to this growing issue in ways that actively engage audiences while questioning prevailing stereotypes and fostering empathy.
Rattlestick is strategically working to safely reopen their theater at 224 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014 by prioritizing the health and safety of artists and audiences, and are planning their reopening with the care of others first in mind.

The following measures have been taken to ensure a safe reopening at Rattlestick Theater:
Installing Merv-Rated Filters in the HVAC system
Hiring a full-time Venue and Production Manager, Rodrigo Fischer, who will oversee Covid Compliance and health and safety,
Ensuring all our programs can be live-streamed for those who are unable to attend in-person
Shifting rehearsals to a 5-day work week and scheduling no rehearsal or tech longer than an 8-hour call (as included in the "We See You, White American Theater" project's list of demands)
Extending the rehearsal process by an additional week to allow ample time to prepare without added stress or overworking
Bringing on a mental health professional to support artists in rehearsals for projects where trauma is centered
Audiences will be required to show proof of vaccination and/or a negative COVID test when watching live performances. All creative and production personnel will be fully vaccinated.
This year, Rattlestick is connecting with community partner organizations with ties to the themes and content of each Mainstage piece who will engage with their productions and
audiences in impactful ways. Rattlestick will host conversations around the work, inviting
communities to engage with the art and each other through facilitated dialogue.

WHO: Rattlestick Playwrights Theater featuring writers Arturo Luís Soria, Mansa Ra, Martin Boross, and Jonathan Payne

WHAT: Ni Mi Madre by Arturo Luís Soria; In the Southern Breeze by Mansa Ra (Jiréh Breon Holder); Addressless by Hungarian artist Martin Boross, adapted by Jonathan Payne

WHEN: Ni Mi Madre by Arturo Luís Soria (August 25 to September 19, 2021); In the Southern Breeze by Mansa Ra (November 3 to December 12); Addressless by Hungarian artist Martin Boross(presented virtually in January/February 2022)

WHERE: 224 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014 and virtually via zoom

Additional Programming:
Community, Conversation, and Creativity: Rattlestick runs several additional programs created to support artists and new work while expanding their artist and audience base. These initiatives have developed Rattlestick's engagement with artists and audiences from all over the world. In the coming year, they are committed to continuing and growing several of these programs, including the annual New Songs Now program designed to demystify the songwriting process and give songwriters a chance to share works-in-progress; Global Gab, a monthly cross-cultural conversation series addressing timely issues for immigrant artists; Open Play, a monthly series giving any and every artist of any discipline a chance to share five minutes of work; as well as other special projects, workshops and readings of new plays. Taking place both online and in-person, these programs create an important space for communities to gather, workshop new pieces, and form connections.

About Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

Founded in 1994, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater produces ambitious plays to inspire empathy and provoke conversation that will lead to positive social change. Rattlestick has a deep commitment to producing fierce works, in partnership with community organizations, that challenge and stimulate audiences to confront the complexities of our culture. Notable productions include Diana Oh's {mylingerieplay}, Dael Orlandersmith's Until the Flood, Samuel D. Hunter's The Few and Lewiston/Clarkston, Jesse Eisenberg's The Revisionist, Jonathan Tolins' Buyer and Cellar, Adam Rapp's The Hallway Trilogy, and Martyna Majok's Ironbound.

Rattlestick produces mainstage productions; creates artistic development opportunities for artists to hone their craft; and provides opportunities for artists to engage with innovative work through residencies, fellowships, and special performances.

Visit rattlestick.org for more information.
Link http://rattlestick.org

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