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Posted by: ryhog 07:36 pm EDT 07/22/21
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It's pretty clear that what revned was describing was a guild and it is equally clear to anyone familiar with AEA that it is not a guild. In a guild, one apprentices until one is anointed by the guild as a journeyman. That still exists for workers in fields where competence is a prerequisite (e.g., we would not want an electrician or carpenter whose work might get us killed), but in the theatre crafts, competence is in the eye of the beholder. (E.g., I think Rylance is at least arguably the greatest living actor yet have a good friend, a fine actor everyone here knows and the sort of person who would be involved in judging other actors were there such a thing, who thinks he is a hack, a one trick pony, and so on.) "Earned" in this context is a euphemism for chaos, not to mention stasis, prejudice, and systemic racism. No thanks.

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