re: The Hatred
Posted by: ryhog 08:09 pm EDT 07/24/21
In reply to: The Hatred - Jax 06:50 pm EDT 07/24/21

With the exception of one intemperate post that's long gone, where are these over the top posts? People have not been carping about ALW as a composer in this thread. You are deflecting. People are criticizing him for being a lousy human being, and a childish embarrassing fool. We are talking about someone who has repeatedly made it clear that economics are more important than human life. I think we are allowed to hate psychopaths. You are defending a man who proposed spraying audiences with toxic chemicals. That's what I see as ridiculous. Yes, not giving a shit about safety is grounds for loathing in my world. And if people are laughing at what a silly fool he has been over the last few months, that's not hatred, it's a nervous reaction to obscure the embarrassment many of us feel for the behavior of a man with a public persona as large as his. He reflects adversely on everyone in this business.

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