re: Well at least the 'entirely predictable' part of thread turned out to be true....
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And I agree with you 100%.

Certain posters can't seem to contain their hatred of ALW and yes, it is laughable and quite ridiculous. If the man could turn water into wine they would accuse him of promoting alcoholism. These posters once annoyed me but now I find them hilarious. So easy to wind them up.....just mention his name.

Luckily, the greater part of the UK press and theatrical community find ALW right on target since the govt has done bugger-all to help their billion dollar industry during its most critical period since World War II. ALW has stuck his neck out time and again to rail against the leaders of his own political party to demand sensible and fair actions that will help get the West End back on track and not make matters worse....hasn't really worked so far but you can't blame the man for trying.

Read on...I'm sure 'Tory Politics' and 'attempted Mass Murder' will get mentioned at some point......

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