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I live just outside London. Thank you for your condescension, but I'm perfectly well aware of what is going on all around me.

Yes, absolutely a shockingly large number of people are being contacted by Test and Trace and being advised to self-isolate. The word pingdemic" is nastily cynical spin: far easier to blame the Test and Trace system for the disruption than to confront the fact that the government have taken their hands off the steering wheel again. Demanding that the rules be relaxed is not the answer; from a public health perspective, which is the only perspective that matters during a pandemic, the correct response is to work to bring the rate of infection down. Since the government has just essentially ended almost all restrictions, the R number probably isn't going to drop as quickly as it needs to, so the next move is to persuade us all to blame something else.

And since this government won an 80-seat majority on the back of a manifesto pledge to strip a set of established rights from every single one of us, it's probably reasonable for them to be confident that there's no shortage of gullible idiots willing to fall hook, line, and sinker for a *very* obvious piece of spin. The rest of Europe is also in the middle of a pandemic, but our neighbours aren't currently experiencing the level of disruption we are - and I'm afraid the difference is that most of our neighbours don't have governments as incompetent as ours (and, in terms of the food supply chain, our neighbours haven't created such an unpleasantly toxic, racist environment for EU migrants that thousands upon thousands of them have chosen to leave, leading to a huge labour shortage in the food production and distribution network). We're experiencing this disruption because our government removed measures designed to keep us safe before it was prudent to do so. It's that simple.

You're right about one thing - it isn't remotely entertaining. Or rather, it isn't remotely entertaining to watch a procession of fools blame the test-and-trace system for this mess. As for the rest of it, the sharp rise in the number of 'pings' is a symptom of the problem, not the cause. Bring down the infection rate, and the other problems will solve themselves.

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