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Posted by: GavinLogan1 11:53 am EDT 07/25/21
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Never once has he EVER endorsed doing anything that would compromise the safety of his audience. He has promoted trying a number of techniques to reopen theatres safely (many of which were used throughout this entire pandemic in South Korea, for example, which allowed that country, at one time very heavily hit, to keep it's theatre open).

As for others on this thread talking about how he has behaved boorishly and childishly throughout all of this, I say a loud and resounding: BULLSHIT.

For the first half of the pandemic, he stayed home, wrote his Cinderella, entertained his fans with 'Composer in Isolation' Sing-alongs, engaging instagram/ Tiktok posts about his shows and music, updated us weekly on his Spotify Playlists... all very entertaining and engaging and humourous posts.

Then he volunteered right away to get the first available vaccine... yes, ostensibly he was also promoting his show and doing what he could to get it open fast, but he also used his fame and position to promote vaccination and display its efficacy and safety.

Evil? Jack the Ripper?

RyHog, you basically have ZERO credibility. You do foam and froth and it's embarrassing and idiotic.

Throughout all of this you "didn't say much but you said it loud".

Buzz off.

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