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Posted by: GavinLogan1 01:17 pm EDT 07/25/21
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I barely post here anymore, and I’m not usually one to jump in on these debates, because it’s often pointless. But RyHog’s histrionics are beyond.

I always admire and appreciate your posts— your intelligence, your experience, and even when I disagree, the way you post invites discussion and engagement.

He posts vitriol and hyperbolic nonsense. I’m surprised you don’t see it.

As if a LW has just blatantly called for the audience to be sprayed with toxic chemicals… He looked at some research, he proposed a trial, the government rejected it, end of discussion constantly calling him a mass murderer and insisting that he only cares about money it’s just wrong and ridiculous.

Was ALW misguided? Perhaps… but he was suggesting a trial, not an immediate implementation. See attached link.

It’s claims like those that make Ryhog’s posts unbearable.

But sure, I’ll take a break.

I never intend to get into fights online but it happens so easily. I’m histrionic too, I guess.

But thank you for your years of knowledgeable and interesting posts. I’ll continue to turn to you for music and music history info on here.

And I’ll take a break from the conversation. Permanently, where RyHog is concerned.
Link https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/theatre/what-to-see/andrew-lloyd-webber-urges-government-trialgame-changing-chemical/amp/

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