re: The Hatred {LONG!!}
Posted by: Chromolume 04:20 pm EDT 07/25/21
In reply to: re: The Hatred - GavinLogan1 01:17 pm EDT 07/25/21

Gavin - first, thank you for your kind comments towards me, which I certainly did not solicit lol. That means a lot. I have also enjoyed your posts here when you have been around.

I'm not defending Ryhog's posts here, and believe it or not, I was not trying to target you, although it would certainly seem that I did. (I probably should have phrased what I said differently.) I myself decided a few days ago to "take a break" (and perhaps permanently) from another discussion site I've been on, in response to the constant trolling that's going on there. I felt it was the healthiest thing to do for my own sanity.

Heated discussions happen here all the time - I've certainly had my own - sometimes indeed with Ryhog, sometimes with Mr. Portantiere, and others. We all can get very over-passionate about certain things, and can get way too focused in trying to prove our point or have the last word, etc. In this case, I won't say that Ryhog is necessarily right, but I also think that trying to argue with him is like beating the proverbial horse, and maybe it's best just to save your own sanity by getting yourself out of it.

To be honest, I feel that the tone on ATC, and other web chatboards, has gotten somewhat more tense and nastier and more negative over the last year (and the few years), and I think it's very easy to understand why - we're living in, frankly, shitty times right now. So for many of us, our guards are up, we feel more vulnerable, and we may feel it's easier and more justifiable to lash out when we might not have in the past. Understood. But it's also disheartening. I also feel that the rules out here have changed to a great extent - political discussions have been much more allowed than in the past (maybe because they're going to be unavoidable?) and tempers seem to go unmoderated a little more. (This is no reflection on Ann, who remains our indispensable leader and whose presence here is always amazing.) I find that the word "zeitgeist" has bene in my vocabulary a lot lately - I think it's a fitting word for a lot of things. But it does mean that ATC, I feel, has been a little more volatile and thorny than before - and of course for some people it always has been lol, so that's saying a lot.

Gavin - I wish you no will ill, and I wish you well. And I do hope you stay here if even just to lurk (but please continue posting).

Ryhog - I too wish you no ill will, and I too wish you well. You, like me, are opinionated as hell and what you say is not going to be received well by all of us, guaranteed. But you know what - maybe my initial post to Gavin WAS wrong. For your sake and the sake of all of us out here, maybe you also need a break from this topic? Just a suggestion.

As for me, I'm not going anywhere. :-)

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