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Posted by: bway1430 03:35 am EDT 07/26/21
In reply to: !!!! - sf 11:51 am EDT 07/25/21

Infection rates ARE going down. A spike was expected once rules were relaxed (and we still await that data) but the numbers to watch are how many who test poisitive were hospitalized or worse.

The truth is that covid will be with us for at least a few more years before we become endemic. The track and trace served it's purpose early on but it is absolutely ridiculous to keep it now given the numbers of fully vaccinated people. Does that sound callous about those getting ill who are unvaccinated? Perhaps. But they are the ones putting themselves in danger. They have a choice: opt in to get vaccinated or play Russian roulette with their own health. The government can't fix that short of making vaccinations mandatory (and I would have no problem with that whatsoever).

We agree in that the government has completely botched things and created mixed messages around covid that have caused confusion and chaos....and going back to the original argument, that is exactly what ALW was pissed off about and why he pulled his show until the next level of restrictions are done away with.

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