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Posted by: sf 12:12 pm EDT 07/26/21
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Infection rates weren't going down at the beginning of last week when Lloyd Webber threw his little tantrum.

They're going down now, but they haven't been going down for long enough to know whether it's a sustained trend or just a blip, and we aren't far enough past the end of restrictions last week to factor that into the equation. If cases are on a sustained downward trend now, given the number of people who have been asked to self-isolate, it's probably because the test and trace system is working as intended.

Yes, we're going to be living with this for a while. Yes, I'm appalled that younger people are being so slow to come forward and get vaccinated. I'm also appalled at the number of self-absorbed morons I see in indoor public spaces without masks on, because that's not going to get us out of this any faster, and it's not going to make places like theatres safer (as far as I'm concerned, vaccine passports should be mandatory and the rule in theatres and cinemas and on public transport should be no mask, no entry, no exceptions). And YES, as I said, there's no shortage of gullible idiots willing to fall for a very obvious piece of spin. If the test and trace system is helping bring down the infection rate, given that our government has (stupidly) flushed away most other protective measures, now is NOT the time to do away with it.

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