I wish they knew how to market this show
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 02:33 pm EDT 07/26/21
In reply to: “Pass Over” discussion (WNYC) - kieran 02:15 pm EDT 07/26/21

I’m seeing a lot of You Tube ads for this production, but they don’t tell me anything the play except that the New York Times liked it. The logo is classy but empty, the tag line is inspirational but generic, and nothing about the marketing I’m getting gives me any clue as to why I should want to see it or what the experience will be like.

Maybe they’re doing better work reaching the Black audience, but my fear is that we’re going to have a glut of Black plays on Broadway this fall that no one goes to because the producers can’t sell the show properly, and then those same producers will tell themselves, “well we tried, I guess Black don’t go to the theater,” and then go back to producing predominately white shows until the next racial reckoning prompts them to try again in ten or twenty years.

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