This is a good point.
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I fear a similar thing might happen on film and TV with regard to Latino properties – after "One Day at a Time" never found an audience on TV despite rave reviews and 3 seasons on 2 different networks, and after "In The Heights" basically collapsed at the box office despite being hailed as one the best movies of the year and having a great exit score and audience reviews, I worry that it'll be a long time before Hollywood greenlights another major motion picture or television series centered on Latinx culture. I hope I'm wrong. (A lot would seem to be riding on West Side Story, even more than ever before.)

As far as this particular case, all these Broadway producers obviously want to make money, and already know they're fighting more of an uphill battle than any previous season due to possible audience reluctance to return to theaters. Outside of Bialystock and Bloom no one really mounts a show as a tax write-off, and certainly not with this much riding on the perception of Broadway bouncing back to life. I hope the producers of these plays are all getting good advice.

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