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I'll happily agree to both counts as well.

First, congrats to Julie Halston and all her fund-raising efforts on behalf of Pulmonary Fibrosis. But I gotta add that Julie is one of the funniest women I have ever known or seen on any stage. She's done Broadway shows (''Tootsie,'' etc.), but she's shone especially bright in Charles Busch's ''Red Scare on Sunset'' and ''The Divine Sister.'' And nothing beats Julie Halston doing her hilarious, one-woman shows in cabaret. Only Julie could mine comedy gold from simply reading an Ann Landers column from the Daily News. (See video below.) I have no idea why she's not a comic goddess on a TV sitcom or in a feature film. I hope someday the rest of the world sees what a real riot she is, and she oughta be rewarded for that, too.

As for Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley, charity work isn't a competition. I don't see why the American Theatre Wing couldn't give out a second special Tony for ''Stars in the House.'' It might be unusual, but Seth and James achieved something unique in raising $1 million during a pandemic.
Link Julie Halston on Tanning Salons at Birdland

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