So many wrong things about this response.
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A) The surge is being caused by the Delta variant, not “July 4th”. But even if you assume that a “party holiday” has played some role in community spread, it depends which communities. (In NYC the number of new cases have actually gone down every day this week.). And in any case, an outdoor party among largely vaccinated people right now is a hell of a lot safer than the unmasked unvaccinated parties being spotted around rooftops on the West Side and down in the East Village of Manhattan last summer. People will always be careless, but all the science and every scientist maintains that for those who are vaccinated the risk remains low.

2) Merry Wives cancelled TWO performances, and not “due to Covid”, but due to their own precautions over one person of the company testing positive, and taking appropriate self-mandated precautions so as not to spread. The third performance was cancelled to allow understudy rehearsals for a few different tracks, and as I understand it the show resumed late last week and has proceeded incident-free ever since.

3) Not sure how we got from a party of what is sure to be almost entirely vaccinated people to an analogy involving Naked Twister, but I guess that’s how some people’s free association works. Needless to say, though, the two things are different.

Outdoor theatre festivals or baseball games, or indoor movie theaters, where people are seated without social distancing and where there is currently no proof of vaccination required for entry, are far more at risk of causing Covid exposure or spread than the fairly innocuous event being announced in the press release here and which you and a few others seem to be excessively alarmed about.

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