re: damn, those goalposts do appear to be moving
Posted by: ryhog 10:44 pm EDT 07/28/21
In reply to: damn, those goalposts do appear to be moving - Singapore/Fling 10:13 pm EDT 07/28/21

You may be right that I am falling prey to something but I think it is more an amalgamation of my own sense of where things and where they are headed. I don't really think it's about moving the goalposts, at least not from my perspective, but if others do, so be it. I still think we are missing the forest for the trees. The substance remains for everyone to agree or disagree about so I'd like to move on to that.

First, I don't sense that you are seeing the original subject of these posts (originating from Dramedy's bleak post) much differently than I am (degree of worry, sense of the traditional audience, etc.) Where we may part company is that I don't see much room for optimism that this show is going to attract a great deal of the new more diverse audience (although I hope they can as much as you do). I'd also point out that to the extent we are talking about audiences of color, those awful stats on vax rates are heavily influenced by the fact that large parts of those communities that are not vaxxed are also very poor, not an attribute that relates to selling theatre tickets (or even giving them away) and, more importantly, I feel pretty confident that the portion of the audience of color that IS a market for this show (upper middle class) is also much more vaccinated. Some of you can think I am wrong about this but I stand by it. Second, the Fox/MAGA crowd is not a meaningful part of any Broadway audience and of course I was talking about Pass Over [and also would observe that the landscape may have changed on passports etc yet again by the time the main group of fall shows open]. Oh, and I think you did a great job of defining whack religion :-)

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