Kit Cornell and others.
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Katherine Cornell opened THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET in 1931 and returned to it twice again in 1935 and 1945.

Noël Coward opened PRESENT LAUGHTER in 1946 and then returned to Broadway playing Gary for a brief run in 1958 (with an intriguing cast featuring Joyce Carey, Mona Washbourne and Eva Gabor!).

Zero Mostel did a revival of FIDDLER around 1977 and John Raitt did tour and stock productions of all his hits throughout his life (I saw him play Billy Bigelow when he was 65!).

John Cullum returned to SHENANDOAH in 1989 when Hal Linden opted not to come to Broadway with this Toronto-originating production.

And Maurice Evans revisited his signature Shakespearian roles repeatedly. Four separate iterations of RICHARD II are listed on IBDB from 1937-1951.

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