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Good examples, except Coward did not appear in the 1946 Broadway production of Present Laughter. Clifton Webb played Garry Essendine. Coward had played the role in London, but he did not play the role on Broadway till 1958.

The 1958 revival played in repertory with Coward's new Nude With Violin, with Coward taking the role had Gielgud had played in the earlier London production. Carey was in the London production as well. Gielgud was succeeded by Michael Wilding and Robert Helpmann as the play managed a 14-month run in London despite being bottom-drawer Coward.

Washbourne, Carey and a number of others were in both Nude and Laughter. Laughter was added for the last two weeks, although a few performances of both were canceled because Coward came down with laryngitis. Then both productions played in rep in San Francisco and L.A. (but still closed at a loss).

There are dozens of examples of actors who starred in an original Broadway production starring in a revival (or several). And not just original Broadway productions. As with Maurice Evans, a number of star players came back several times in Shakespeare roles for which they had been acclaimed. And not only Shakespeare. Look at the Broadway careers of Nazimova or Eva Le Gallienne.

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