Getting audiences in the theatre will be a nightmare.
Posted by: portenopete 11:26 am EDT 07/30/21
In reply to: Broadway Theatres in NYC Announce Vaccination and Mask Requirement for Audiences - Official_Press_Release 10:03 am EDT 07/30/21

I hope that the theatres rethink their procedure getting audiences into their seats. I am envisioning superannuated ushers trying to parse vaccination certificates while simultaneously scanning tickets. Perhaps they will institute a check while people are waiting in line and once a person's vaccination has been confirmed, they will be given a chit that they hand back when their ticket is being scanned.

I think that stage management needs to be very disciplined in giving the house by half hour at the latest. Too often warm-ups and prayer circles and the like are allowed to linger well past the half-hour mark, leading to the house not being given until 20 or 15 minutes, thus leaving hundreds of people standing outside and a mad rush once the doors are opened.

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