Eating and Drinking
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The New York Times article outlining the policies clearly states, "The Broadway rules, which will be in place at least through October and apply to all 41 Broadway theaters, require that audiences wear masks, except when eating or drinking." Shakespeare in the Park for the current season spells this out even a step further (emphasis mine): "Concessions Note: Concessions and merchandise will not be available for sale at The Delacorte to minimize crowding and encourage physical distancing. We ENCOURAGE bringing snacks and beverages." (It goes into further detail in the fine print: "You are permitted to bring your own food and drink into The Delacorte within the following protocols: No glass is permitted inside the theater; All items must fit into a bag or cooler that aligns with the DELACORTE BAG POLICY;....Water is encouraged for all guests in reusable water bottles or sealed single-use water bottles.")

In practice this is the only way to do it. It's safer than a free-for-all, it's safer than letting people eat or drink just anywhere, and It's the way movie theaters have been doing it since the spring, with not a single case tracked back to any movie screenings. And since many people either have hydration issues, or even need to take medication, even if there was a practical way to generally police people from eating and drinking, and even if the theaters were inclined to do it, then just like the religious exemptions, there would have to be exceptions made HERE in certain circumstances.

The theaters are already doing all they can by minimizing intermissions, shortening productions and in some cases like the Delacorte, taking a hit by not even opening their bars. I would think the family-oriented shows would be highly concerned right now that a) there will be enough tourists in the city to keep those shows going, b) there will be enough families who are fine with the risk of taking their unvaccinated children to the theater, and c) also don't find it too onerous to take those kids for a negative Covid test in the 24 or 48 hrs before the show.... so when added to all of that, they simply can't also say "further, no one is allowed to eat or drink in their seats".

We'll just have to hope people are on their best behavior as much as possible and don't abuse the new rules.

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