Is Bway just pushing forward no matter what?
Posted by: Zelgo 10:14 am EDT 08/10/21

Are there truly masses of people who will be buying tickets to sit in theaters, shoulder to shoulder, with thousands of other people? Granted, people do seem fine doing this while flying, but the airline industry has a huge PR campaign reinforcing that it's safe.

I understand that we're all tired of quarantining, and we were promised that vaccines would end all that---but the emergence of Delta shows COVID is nowhere near done (and Lambda from Peru is right behind it). Will this EVER end???

Will people take their unvaccinated kids to Bway in the fall? Will people with kids, nephews, nieces, etc, who cannot get vaccinated chance going to a show, even on their own?

Bway producers and indoor music venue are pushing forward but is a normal season even remotely possible?

These are questions I haven't even answered for myself completely, but I'm leaning towards sitting this season out too. Watching movie-to-theater and jukebox musicals just because they're being presented on a stage isn't a great reason, for me, to endanger myself or my relatives.

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