I agree with all this.
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The first show I'm seeing is Pass Over next month, and I'll gladly keep a mask on for under 90 minutes to see my first show in over a year and a half. But it'll be an experiment. I've approached movies the same way you have, and while I wouldn't miss, say, The Music Man – for that one I expect I'll be suffiicently entertained to almost forget about a mask if we're still being required to wear them when my ticketed date comes up over the holidays – I'm not sure.

Caroline or Change & Trouble in Mind at 2 & a half hours? The Lehman Trilogy at over 3 hours? It's wait-and-see. Maybe I'll adapt as well... maybe I'll wait and get tickets when I know (I hope) that masks are no longer required.... or, more likely, maybe I'll skip some. If masks are required on Broadway all season, it's almost certainly the latter and (again speaking only for myself, obviously) I'll probably be pickier and choosier than in the past, and miss a few more shows than ever before.

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