re: West Side Story Not Coming Back
Posted by: NewtonUK 12:59 pm EDT 08/10/21
In reply to: West Side Story Not Coming Back - royscho 12:17 pm EDT 08/10/21

I think this misses the bigger mystery. The production was selling very well when it closed. West Side Story is a pretty bankable title. I'm pretty sure they got an insurance payout last year. And $10 million SVOG grant to re-open. Which is enough to re-open and cover losses for 4 months, at no risk to investors. A great multi-cultural cast. But the pretty much unknown Kate Horton is running Rudin's leftover shows. And West Side has no investors other than Rudin's rich friends Geffen and Diller. Why put every one out of work when you have free money to keep them in work and re-open the show.

Especially when you're opening a very white show, THE MUSIC MAN, across the street? I have no objection to the cast of Music Man, and its going to be a hit because of Hugh Jackman.

So what is the real reason that WSS is closing. I know we'll all find out sooner rather than later.

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