I guess I’m a naive white person
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Because I don’t think race had anything to do with not reopening WSS as you implied. It grosses $1.5m each week after opening at 92% and then 87% capacity the final week. That last number is the lowest capacity except for opening week. If I were a producer and saw that two weeks after opening the show was under 90% capacity even in a large theater, there is a question of longevity. Grosses can drop pretty quickly especially during this unknown period of restart. And the producers have the projections of advance sales into March-June 2020. So maybe those sales weren’t that strong after opening even with good reviews.

And you can’t compare an already opened show without any stars to a highly anticipated revival with one of the most bankable stars on broadway. It had nothing to do with a white cast vs multiracial cast. Not everything is about race.

I do think if rudin was in charge he would have reopened WSS no matter what. The current management probably looked at the advanced sales numbers in 2020 and the current unpredictable environment (probably seeing advance numbers for Book of Mormon and mockingbird which are old rudin shows reopening) and made a financial decision.

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