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Posted by: Singapore/Fling 01:38 pm EDT 08/10/21
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I read Newton’s comments as being more about the question of employment and optics. Music Man is employing a cast in which all of the leads are white, and likely most of the cast will be white as well (which makes sense, since Harold Hill uses racist language to frighten the townsfolk into investing in his instrument scheme), while West Side provides a counterbalance with a cast largely of color.

It’s hard to parse those final weeks numbers, because they overlap with COVID, but that theater is a barn, and no doubt a cast that large made it expensive to run. Maybe the Rudin team is overstretched; maybe there was no appetite to do the work of selling it without Rudin; maybe the feeling was that the production was too divisive to be the kind of megahit needed to make it worth coming back.

Whatever the reason, it’s a shame, and I do wonder if this will also be the end of Ivo’s Broadway run.

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