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Posted by: ryhog 03:45 pm EDT 08/10/21
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No mystery, no enigma, no conspiracy. There were, as they said, several reasons, and I don't think Rudin would have done differently. Foremost among them is the fact that they also control the music man across the street. You note that but seem oblivious to the competitive aspect. You also mention that the show was selling well 18 months ago but don't consider what its advance was then or what its prospects for building one without the mojo. All of which brings us to a couple of ugly truths. First, an awful lot of people believe there is not going to be any mojo this season beyond the blockbusters - just look at the sentiments being expressed on this board, and that's from people who are predisposed to loving theatre - and that there are too many shows opening too quickly in the face of the anticipated weak demand, which will result in a lot of blood staining the streets of the theatre district. Which leads us to the other ugly truth, that the people you refer to as Rudin's rich friends did not get that way by making imprudent business decisions even with what you seem to think is free money, and that these "friends" do not have the same relationship with Broadway that some other producers do, much less a warm spot in their hearts (assuming...) for the people who will not be re-employed. Finally, if in fact they have insurance proceeds and a dim view of the prospects of covering the nut in the foreseeable future, then returning those proceeds to the investors (I have no idea why you think there are only two) is consistent with their first line obligations. [Side note: I also have no idea why you think the $10mil would last 4 months unless you have some prescience as to what the grosses would be. My guess-math would be considerably less.]

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