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I've never seen a movie or production of Annie where the con artists (Rooster, Lily, or Miss H) are played as actually convincing. It is an old-fashioned musical comedy. The laughs are more in them not being all that convincing than if they are believable. But whether they are convincing in their acting TO Warbucks and Grace or not...
The reality is that in the 1933 America, no one would believe a white Annie was the child of a black or mixed race couple.

That does not mean this musical needs to be cast with this in mind, or that a 2021 audience needs to see it done authentically for the period it's set in. If anything the relevant themes the show plays on are class, not race at all. The bigger concern would be the optics of a super rich white male savior to a poor orphaned black child who is then the target of 2 or 3 selfish villainous criminals who are trying to pull off stealing money through lying about being Annie's birth parents.

But I do think it would be an employment of suspension of disbelief for the audience to believe Warbucks and Grace, in Great Depression era America, are convinced that black people are a white girl's birth parents, without the question of their racial difference coming up.
I'm not even sure they are ever convinced as much as the proof of the locket is all they can ask for and Rooster and Lily have that.

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