i think Fanny absolutely needs a big voice
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I think it's a pipe dream to think that when 99% of people who know Funny Girl, and the reason it has a long lasting life and reputation, is because 1 particular woman, a global vocal super star, played it originally, did the cast album, the popular film, won an oscar, and put out a popular soundtrack.... sang it AND gave it her big personality... that having the first revival star an actress with just 1 of those 2 hugely important things will satisfying fans and critics.

Few people fit this role who also have Barbra's level of vocal power and range... we can't expect quite that.

But I don't know yet if Beanie has the personality. I thought she gave a winning performance in Booksmart (the movie) and thought she was funny as Minnie in Hello Dolly, and amusing in her episode(s) of What We Do in the Shadows. Beyond that... even as someone aware of her and enjoying her so far, I don't think of her especially as having a big comedic persona or as perfect for Fanny. That said, she seems like better casting in that sense than Lea Michelle or Lauren Ambrose, for sure. Not to mention, of course, that she is Jewish, and reads as the kind of Brooklyn Jew that the role needs.
And I *know* who she is. I think the vast vast majority of presumed and potential ticket buyers have never heard her name even if they've seen her in something, or even seen her in her stuff, and have no idea who she is or what to expect from her as a personality actress or a singer. Which... unless she's really bringing the goods... is not necessarily a good thing for drumming up interest. If they aren't interested based on her name, and reviews are mixed or dancing around her singing as "she makes up for it in ____" kind of stuff, I think there's a strong chance the revival won't last very long.

So I just think to assume that, even if she brings the level of personality the show needs from Fanny, the audience will be satisfied with a mediocre vocal performance... is shortsighted. And I hope it's not what we're gonna get. The show isn't such a brilliant play that it needs to be re-done without regard for doing the score justice on an orchestra or vocals level, specifically for Fanny's stuff.

So let's hope for everyone involved's sake that Beanie has a bigger and more impressive voice that we've had the chance to hear from her so far. I have no reason to assume that she doesn't.*
*(One could suspect that she's at a level, and her family has the money and clout, that if she wanted to release recordings or videos of her singing to show off her voice, she could have (also anyone can make a quality youtube video, i just mean she could have a more professional quality situation without much trouble). But *not* having done that doesn't mean anything.)

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