re: i think Fanny absolutely needs a big voice
Posted by: Snowysdad 09:52 am EDT 08/12/21
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I've been recently listening to some very young Barbra Steisand. I also saw Funny Girl pre Broadway *discussed in another post. What has struck me is that Ms. Streisand did not emerge from no where a fully honed talent, she grew into what she was mid career and beyond. That is not to suggest that early performances do not make me take notice that there is something very special there, but it can be hit and miss. Recently the RCA demos have been released on CD. I couldn't wait to hear them after all these years only hearing about them. I can fully understand why powers that be might have passed, they do not capture her well. The just after that earliest columbia stuff presents her far better. I have always believed that Pins and Needles gives a wonderful glimpse of her talents, "Nobody Makes a Pass a Me" is essential Streisand, but a couple of the cuts suggest she was pushing too hard. The first glimpse of the full range of the lady's talents were the first two TV specials, and part of that is the directing to keep her focused. Please don't misunderstand me, I will always cherish early Barbra Streisand, she is a for the ages singer, but by the time of Stoney End, Barbra Joan Streisand and Live at the Forum, I can just sit back and bask in her magnificence.

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