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I'm curious about what you mean by KINKY BOOTS dealing with sexuality. I thought that one of the flaws in Fierstein's book (and I'm not a fan of ANY of his musical book writing, aside from A CATERED AFFAIR) was that Lola's sexuality and gender identity was almost completely ignored to the point that there was public disagreement between Fierstein and Billy Porter over the character's sexual orientation.

Aside from a bit of a backstory involving Lola's father not accepting him/her (it's also never made clear what pronouns Lola uses, although IIRC he is addressed with male pronouns when he presents as male and female pronouns when she presents as female), which propels a subplot about the antagonism between Lola and some random asshole at the factory, there's not a lot of story there for this character outside of the magical negro/drag queen dropping in to save the straight white male protagonist.

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