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Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 07:43 pm EDT 08/12/21
In reply to: re: who? - KingSpeed 05:45 pm EDT 08/12/21

Some ATC-ers who put "nm" or "nmi" in the heading of their posts, then type a comment (frequently humorous) in the actual post. I'm sure a number of readers at ATC check out these posts to catch the joke.

I generally read your posts so I know you don't leave comments in posts marked "nmi". As others have stated, you don't need to type gibberish, you can just hit the "space" bar, followed by the "enter" bar and your post will be completely blank. When you type gibberish, some posters may interpret it as being code and may try to decipher it not realizing why you are typing gibberish.

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