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Not to stray off topic too much, but although I do watch Cuomo, he also drives me up the wall with his "bits." The constant barking of "NEXT!", his insistence on calling his colleagues idiotic pet names like "Dee Lemon" and "The Wizard Of Odds," his own tendency to talk over his guests way too much and pull his own version of a fatuous "hey, I'm an alpha Italian dude" attitude (it must run in the family)...even his meaningless copycat "let's get after it" mantra...perhaps it is indeed time for him to take a break and rethink.

But yes - it's a huge shame about Rosie. It's hard to ignore her genuine love for the industry and how she has contributed to that in the past. Though she needed to be told much much more firmly from the beginning that she is NOT a singer and should NOT do so publicly...but in any case it's sad to see that things may be going very wrong for her now.

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