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Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 03:13 am EDT 08/13/21
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I agree about some of Cuomo's idiosyncrasies, which are irritating. What I do like about him is that he is not afraid to take on right wing jerks. He's good at not taking crap and putting a lot of them to shame.

Rosie was in her element when she hosted her own show and spoke almost exclusively about theatre. From '96 through '02, I taped every one of her shows and watched them all when I got home from work. The interviews and performances from Broadway shows were incredible. I loved and respected her so much for what she did for Broadway and theatre in general. I saw her on Broadway in Sept., '94 and accepted her limitations. She had good stage presence and didn't go beyond her capabilities performance-wise (I thought).

However, she's really not knowledgeable enough to be a credible political moderator unless surrounded by associates who can keep her in check. She's had a lot of personal problems with her relationships and the children she has adopted. In recent years she has gone off the rails expounding about complex political issues which she doesn't really understand. It's a sad situation that people close to her don't do more to advise her not to talk off the cuff about certain issues and make a fool of herself.

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