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I really do kind of loathe this mentality, that because we are accepting characters dance or sing that we also accept, or should accept, any broad or unconvincing thing in the plot, script, directorial concept or actor's performance.

This is not the sweepingly accurate catch-all reply you think it is for musicals.

If Hannigan showed up in a mustache and the audience is meant to believe Grace and Warbucks believe she is a convincing man and not the woman they've both had scenes with, I wouldn't believe that just because they all have sung and/or danced prior to this and i've suspended my understanding of literal reality for that to work.

I also don't think it's meant in Annie for Rooster and Lily to be able to convince people of anything... the people needing convincing do not know them, and they aren't dealing with the issue of being a completely other race than the child they're claiming is theres. The plot of Annie, and this scene, rests plot-wise in there being no reason visually for them not to be believed and them having the necessary evidence of the other half of the locket... and it rests emotionally on the built-in and established emotional desperation for Annie to find and be loved by the parents she was separated from before getting to the orphanage life.
If Warbucks, Grace and Annie have all never met Rooster and Lily before, and they have the locket, this all works just fine. But an audience *would* have to employee and *different* kind of suspension of disbelief than they already have for the musical-ness of the play, if the actors are different races.
That does not mean it shouldn't be done or would hard at all or a problem at all. And decade after decade audiences are more willing and able to not think twice about prioritizing the context and text of the play over the racial makeup of the cast if it doesn't come into play textually.

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