Here’s what CNBC is saying about B’way economics (incl. Pass Over)
Posted by: MockingbirdGirl 07:59 am EDT 08/15/21
In reply to: Is Pass Over selling any tickets? - Kerick 04:02 am EDT 08/15/21

Matt Ross, a producer of the Broadway play "Pass Over" – which opened last week for previews to full capacity – says Broadway should not postpone re-opening. The show has a limited run of nine weeks, and the producer told CNBC it is "selling well," though it isn't selling out — but it is a new dramatic production rather than a mega-hit musical. In a theater of roughly 1,200 seats, a little over 100 seats were available for a recent performance. It is the second production to appear on Broadway since the Covid-19 pandemic.
Link With Hamilton, Lion King, Wicked ticket sales slow, Broadway isn't back

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