re: pessimism go away
Posted by: HMiller 01:22 pm EDT 08/15/21
In reply to: pessimism go away - tocop 10:30 am EDT 08/15/21

Two issues here: Safety and cost. If the precautions that are being put into place appear to be adequate and you feel sufficiently safe going to the theater, then go if you want to. Pay attention to the unhyped data and scientific analyses as these are made available, and don’t be ruled by the “what-ifs” and “maybes” and fear-mongering as the sole determining factors in deciding whether or not you venture out — either now or down the road. With so much financial investment at stake, everyone charged with making sure individual productions and venues are safe is contributing mightily to making things as safe as possible for all involved. All things considered, I’m going to the theater — vaccinated and masked.
As for cost, the best bet would be to purchase tickets on the day of or close to the day of performance.

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