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Posted by: PlazaBoy 03:16 pm EDT 08/15/21
In reply to: pessimism go away - tocop 10:30 am EDT 08/15/21

I was feeling ready, but I had a breakthrough infection even though I am fully vaccinated. That really changes your perspective. I've been ill and homebound for about 20 days now so it is no small thing. Yes, I understand it would be far worse if I were not vaccinated.

To be clear, I was in what I would now consider a high risk environment. A bar with unmasked patrons. Three out of the four guys (all vaxed) in our party that night ended up testing positive and had some level of symptoms. Obviously, I learned a lessen. I would not take that risk again.

I certainly think a masked audience where vaccines are checked, brings the risk level down. However, I now feel crowd averse based on my experience. It will be awhile before that feeling goes away. I was planning on seeing the Rent tour here in Chicago, but it's playing a huge theater and I just couldn't do it now. There are two smaller shows I want to see as well, but again, I'm just not there yet.

I imagine that If I hadn't had the experience I had, I would be comfortable going to the theater. It's all still a moving target, so I imagine peoples comfort levels will shift for better or worse as things develop.

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