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Most of Fanny's non-comedic scenes are melodrama, not Greek tragedy, not Restoration comedy or Shakespeare. Gorme was a wonderful singer who could really capture the mood in her songs whether in Spanish with her famous recordings with the Trio Los Panchos, or English (her "If He Walked Into My LIfe" is superb) or in a novelty song like "Blame It On the Bossa Nova". She may have done some comedy sketches as well as songs on the Steve Allen "Tonight Show", so she certainly knew the pressures of performing live. I maintain if she had been chosen, the people involved would have drilled her like they did with Streisand to get a more than "adequate" performance out of her. Acting, if turns out, wasn't as important to her in the long run, as was keeping her singing career with Steve Lawrence. "Golden Rainbow" I think was her only Broadway appearance, and it was apparently something on the order of a Las Vegas show with a story. The opening number on the Tonys is so out there in its enjoyable tackiness. But Miss Marmelstein wasn't particularly a big stretch character-wise for Streisand, and Gorme was quite funny on "Carol Burnett". If Gorme had gotten the role, it's possible Streisand might been known more for her recordings and/or for playing a kooky tv character.

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