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Posted by: ryhog 05:10 pm EDT 08/15/21
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My observation had nothing to do with streaming issues. The most glaring error is that the writer based their analysis of ticket "availability" on the secondary market that has, as an example, lots of tickets available at outrageous prices, just as it did pre-covid. That is not a metric of how sales are going and anyone with even a passing familiarity with Broadway (including most people here) would know that. Also, the principal interview for the article is a person who has no meaningful connection to Broadway in the present tense, and certainly not to its business. The main source is a person with his own opinions, but not expertise to justify basing an article on any more than anyone who posts here regularly. (And no offense to anyone here.) The London connection is tenuous and also misunderstood but I am not even going to go there beyond saying it is, as I think everyone here knows, apples and oranges.

I stand by my characterization of the piece as ill-informed. Let me also just point out that, if you read what I have written here in other threads, you'd discover that I am not someone painting a rosy picture of Broadway's prospects this season, in light of some of the choices that have been made that I believe result in an oversupply situation. But that does not mean that I am going to agree with an article written by an ignoramus. PS I also stand by what I have said previously about streaming, something I expect to recede even from its limited presence once this pandemic ends.

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