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Hines had a very fine voice and was funny and seemed to have the whole package. The show ran for quite a while with her after Streisand left; my Mom told me that she thought Hines was great and hilarious when she saw her. I saw Carol Lawrence a couple of times in her club act, a very talented lady, although she tried a bit too hard to be funny at spots. I'm not sure how she might have been as Fanny.

Regarding Barbara Cook, I'll make an analogy to some great tenors. I don't know if you know opera well, but I once made the distinction between two top tenors of the mid-to-end of the 20th Century -- Franco Corelli and Carlo Bergonzi. Corelli's voice was beautiful because it was so thrilling. (Ok, he was also movie star handsome!) Bergonzi's voice was so thrilling because it was so beautiful. I would bet Barbara Cook's "Glitter and Be Gay " was both thrilling and beautiful! Leonard Bernstein told her before a performance of "Candide" that Maria Callas was attending to not be alarmed; Callas wishes that she had Cook's high E notes! Her Fanny Brice I can mainly judge on her recording of "Who Are You Now" which is exquisitely beautiful -- thrillingly so. Plus she's funny in her "Ice Cream", "Where's My Shoe" in "She Loves Me", "I Wouldn't Marry You" and "The Label on the Bottle" from "The Gay Life", and had major Broadway credit in comedies. So I'm sure she was a whole different but complete package as Fanny Brice, and one I and others would probably pounce on with great anticipation if there were recordings of her doing it.

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