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The Wikipedia entry for "Golden Rainbow" says:
"Author William Goldman wrote a gossipy and unflattering chapter about Golden Rainbow in his book The Season: A Candid Look at Broadway, which was written while the show was preparing for Broadway. The chapter, entitled "Washing Garbage," claimed that the material was weak to begin with and suffered from strenuous attempts to bring everything up to the level expected for a show starring the hugely popular Steve and Eydie."

So Goldman apparently saw it during rehearsals. Arthur Storch, the director, had directed mostly comedies, though I think later he did a lot of work at regionals, chiefly Syracuse Stage. It's possible by that "in order to satisfy an undemanding audience" the director didn't demand much of Gorme either. Moss Hart might have whipped her acting ass into shape like he did Julie Andrews on "My Fair Lady"; so would Robbins, not known for pussyfooting around or suffering fools gladly. Listen, I love Gorme as a singer -- she's really superb, and I don't know if Streisand ever acknowledged her or other female singers who were among her contemporaries or rivals around the time she was emerging or thereabouts. It is possible that had Gorme done the show, Streisand might have had a different career, same as if Julie Andrews were fired from "My Fair Lady", Sally Ann Howes might have had Julie's career. Things aligned as they did. Both Streisand and Andrews were Broadway stars at age 21!

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