The Baroque stage designs of Bibiena at the Morgan Library
Posted by: singleticket 10:30 pm EDT 08/15/21

A small exhibit of the fantastical baroque stage designs and fantasies of Carlo Galli Bibiena at the Morgan Library, from the collection of Broadway lighting designer Jules Fisher. The vanishing point of Renaissance stage scenery is obscured here, turned or hidden and then encrusted with architectural ornament. The imagined spaces are entirely man made and seem to reject nature except for statues of the gods and goddesses representing natural forces. The imagined spaces are grandiose, magnetic and suffocatingly creepy. They are like the interior of the mind that can't be escaped. The last drawing in the show is that of Piranesi, who was Bibiena's pupil, whose vanishing point is almost completely buried in his labyrinthine visions.
Link Architecture, Theater, and Fantasy: Bibiena Drawings from the Jules Fisher Collection

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