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Feel free to keep on keeping on, Tony. I enjoy your posts, too.

Now Steve and Eydie were both big names back then, and Lawrence actually probably resembled Nick more than Sydney Chaplin, so it's not too extraordinary for her to have wanted him to play opposite her. They had a very long-lasting marriage (until she died), and besides her own recordings, usually more than not appeared with Lawrence as a team. Streisand didn't (most likely) suggest Elliot, but she did, after she was cast, realize how essential her casting was, and she began to tell people if she felt necessary (big names) to fuck off, etc. and assert herself strongly. She and Gould and likewise Andrews and Tony Walton weren't known by their first names as a team like Steve and Eydie either. Steve ended up on Broadway at the same time as "Funny Girl" anyway, in 'What Makes Sammy Run", getting a Tony nomination!

Of course, Gwen Verdon did get Bob Fosse his first directing gig on Broadway in "Redhead" by insisting on him. He had previously solely done the choreography. So those kind of things do happen, but she already had 3 Tony Awards by then, soon to add a 4th.

Yes, I love Angela Lansbury and Barbara Harris as well! You can almost perfectly visualize Harris on the "Apple Tree" recording, so strong is her vocal acting performance throughout, in particular.

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