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Posted by: Chazwaza 07:21 pm EDT 08/16/21
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A) Yes. Yes, by finding his casting as this role in this production, I am "advocating" for the "end of his career"... your ability to read between the lines of my post is truly uncanny.

B) Yes. Sue me. We don't agree. I do wish he got cast less. He is cast A LOT. In mostly very major productions. I personally do not think his particular talents and abilities as a performer warrant him being cast in them all over other people or at the expense of other talents we don't see SO often in these roles. I'm not saying he shouldn't have a career or that other people don't clearly enjoy him way more than I have... but I'd also say, if I were a Tony voter he definitely wouldn't have gotten my vote for Something Rotten. Perhaps for Peter and the Starcatcher but possibly not. For whatever it's worth, we don't ALL like the same performers and we don't all agree with what the Tony's do, and we don't have to.

Love him or don't love him, I think it's pretty hard to argue that there aren't more exciting and creative ways to cast the Baker than with him.

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