re: The Laura Osnes I Know
Posted by: MockingbirdGirl 03:38 pm EDT 08/17/21
In reply to: The Laura Osnes I Know - claploudly 03:07 pm EDT 08/17/21

I have two friends out here in Ojai, CA where I now live, who explained to me that they have medical conditions which led their doctors to advise them strongly not to get vaccinated.

At the risk of seeming "venomous" or "vitriolic," is there anything to suggest that Laura's decision is based on a medical condition that makes vaccination unsafe? Because her own public statement suggests that it's rather that she does not feel "confident in the research"—and I question her medical qualifications for making that determination.

I've no doubt she can be a kind and lovely person... but until kindness can stop the delta variant, I don't want to be anywhere near her.

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