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"One of you obviously exaggerated by writing you had spoken to 100 (really??) industry people over this past weekend who said they would never work with her again."

Ann, SingaporeFling, MockingbirdGirl, Roman and others have said it perfectly so I don't need to pile on about the general reaction to your post.
But while I should maybe let it go, as the person who you're referring to above, I have to take issue with what you said there. Maybe the non-profit sector operates differently, maybe you're not familiar with the practice of rolling calls, maybe you just haven't been on any Zoom meetings over the last year, but whatever the case, I can promise you in my sphere of work it's entirely possible to speak to over 100 people in one DAY. The Page Six article hit early Thursday evening, and rightly or wrongly Laura Osnes was one of the first topics in every conversation I've had since then, so by this morning when I wrote my post – nearly 5 days later – I can promise it had come up at least 100 times, or I wouldn't have said what I said.

My survey wasn't scientific, nor was it meant to be; I have no doubt there are some in the industry, including many who know her, who might give her another chance given the choice down the road if circumstances have changed, and (far from everyone here "hoping to end Laura's career", as you claim) I'm sure that almost everyone who's enjoyed working with her or has enjoyed her performances are on a certain level heartbroken at this turn of events. But for you to claim that you know what's in any of our minds, or to state with arrogant certainty that someone you don't know has "obviously exaggerated" the number of people I've spoken to about it, is, frankly, almost as ridiculous as overgeneralizing about "The Laura You Know" based on one isolated anecdote from when you crossed paths with her for a few hours almost a decade ago.

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