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I don't know Ms. Osnes. I do know several people who have worked with her - one is a close colleague and friend of mine who was in one of her recent shows. I'm not about to ask them their opinions of this situation - I feel putting them on the spot is wrong. But I would be very surprised if they didn't say 2 things - one, that she was great to work with and a great person, and two, that they are upset at how she is handling this.

The story you relate is wonderful. I'm sure it's far from the only such story. But that doesn't mean she's 100% angelic, it doesn't mean she's not capable of horrible, selfish actions, and it doesn't mean that those of us who find her decisions around the vaccine very hurtful should let our feelings slide simply because she's done some nice things.

If you haven't noticed, our current social/political climate is incredibly volatile, and certainly all issues around Covid and the vaccine are going to be hot. For those of us who are very upset that so many people in this country are choosing not to get vaccinated, any news that "one of us" (i.e. someone that we have looked up to in the theatre profession) is avoiding the vaccine, no matter what the issue is, is going to provoke a lot of anger. You may call it "vitriol," I prefer to see it as a very understandable emotional reaction. You'd better fasten your seat belt (and wear your mask), because this is going to continue to be a very passionate and divisive and ugly issue to have to deal with. After the virus has completely and ruthlessly disrupted our lives and livelihoods for a year and a half now, many of us simply will have no tolerance for people who will not take good advantage of every form of prevention available to us, and who could possibly endanger others by not doing so. I can't take this lightly - many of us can't. So we will speak out, and yes, sometimes we will be very harsh and very judgmental because we simply can't be "nice" about this. That's what happens when you've been suddenly denied a "normal" life for all this time. We are not "grade school bullies" and I resent that you see us that way.

I am not really upset that you are trying to come to Ms. Osnes' defense. That's your right. But I am upset that you don't understand why we are so angry about her decisions, and are attacking us in return for that.

Thank you for listening.

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