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Of course I understand Chromolume. I also wish that she and her hubby were vaccinated, but I don't know either of their medical histories to be able to give them scientific advice. I have one good friend here in Ojai with whom I had this discussion last week. I was furious when she told me she had not been vaccinated. But then she told me she couldn't be. She wasn't forthcoming with the reason why. But I wouldn't give up and kept on it. She finally told me that for 19 years she has suffered from a chronic, neurological disease. One I have never heard of before. (I am not in the medical field so why would I?) She just really didn't want friends to know. She wears a mask and gets tested every three months as do I. But her neurologist advised her against vaccination. So I do understand now. I just wish that people on this board weren't so vindictive to Ms. Osnes and her husband. It is one thing to wish that everyone got vaccinated (as I certainly do), but another to wish evil upon them. Like ending her career. Especially if they don't know all the facts including the miscommunications between The Guild and her as she explained clearly in my mind. Peace everyone and stay well. Let's put this one to bed please.

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