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People have not been saying her career "should" end. They were said it "would" end.

And that is understandable, because many feel a trust has been broken.

While there are some people who cannot take the vaccine because of preexisting conditions, the ones I know are careful not to put others --or themselves--at risk.

To do a public performance knowing that you are an above average risk to your colleagues and audience, is bound to cause distrust. Plus her willingness to put her own health at risk, raises other issues--especially if she already has an underlying medical condition.

It not vindictive. Just like it is not a vindictive act to refuse a ride offered by someone who drives above speed limits or to refuse to have a dinner cooked by someone with bad hygiene. Ms, Osnes indeed sounds like a lovely person, but her actions here raise obvious questions. You do not have to be vindictive or mean to note that few people will be comfortable working with her.

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