re: Farewell: Don't feel like talkin' any more
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Posted by: PlazaBoy 12:18 am EDT 08/18/21
In reply to: Farewell: Don't feel like talkin' any more - Billhaven 11:26 pm EDT 08/17/21

You will be missed, but I understand what would motivate you to leave.

I permanently deleted Facebook for some of the same reasons and many more.

I still enjoy this chat board, but not as much as back in the day when posting felt like having a conversation. The sense of one-upmanship seems to have really hit it's stride in the past decade. Here and elsewhere.

I must say, my faith was restored to see how kind people were to me about my recent post about having covid. I was concerned that even that could result in some arch comments, but fortunately that did not happen.

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