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Posted by: ryhog 01:27 am EDT 08/18/21
In reply to: Thank you!!! - MTPROF77 07:46 pm EDT 08/17/21

I wrote a longish and not very pleasant response to the OP, which I deleted without posting (something I do more often than some might believe). But your post infuriated me to the point of regretting that I had not posted it.

Let's review what "we" (by which I mean the rational world community as opposed to the "we" referred to in Osnes's statement, which was her and her husband) know: people who don't get vaccinated kill people. That's not open to debate. People who don't get vaccinated harm people, depriving them of their ability to work (and in particular, among Osnes's former colleagues, of their ability to use the gifts bestowed on their lungs and vocal chords). That's not open to debate either.

So now to the question: in what moral universe is some random act of kindness by Osnes the kindness "the world needs more of" to the extent that it warrants, even to a tiny degree, the wanton act of walking around in the world unvaccinated? I do thank you for giving me clarity about what it being proposed in this thread. I do hope we can move on to some more pleasant topics on this board but this is intolerable.

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